Beer Spa Bernard (Prague): kids enjoy a beer bath, too!

Ber spa praga

I had been thinking about visiting Prague with my son for a long time, and when someone promptly told me about a Beer Spa in Prague, where you can have a dip in a bath filled beer, I knew I was sold. My first thought was “what a fun idea”, whereas my second one was “what a waste of beer”! My mind conjured up images of my beer-drinking friends with eyes full of tears, but since I am not particularly fond of beer, I realized that the idea of such waste did not bother me that much.

The day my son asked to visit a new European city during the autumn school break, I knew where we were going so I immediately booked 2 flights to Prague. Soon after I chose a central hotel and then I started sending out emails to the different Beer Spas… just to make sure that I could actually take my son there. The nicest and most encouraging answer I received came from the Bernard Beer Spa, which also kindly offered us a 50% discount on the treatment.

Our experience at the Beer Spa Bernard

Beer spa prague
Help me get the beer bath ready…

We reserved our beer bath for 5.30 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon at the end of October. We arrived 15 minutes in advance, as requested and they told us we would have to wait for a few minutes. In the meantime, they offered me a glass of beer and my son’s a glass of water. of course, he was not impressed: he looked at me and asked if he could have a non-alcoholic beer. I wasn’t too happy about it but I said yes nonetheless, so they gave him a (very good!) cherry-flavored one. His face lit up immediately: he tasted it, didn’t like it, but of course, never admitted it. In any case, I was the person who drank it all up

A few minutes later a kind girl from the Beer Spa Bernard of Prague came to collect us and took us to the changing room, where we got undressed, wrapped a bed sheet around ourselves and locked our clothes and in a locker. She then directed us to the room where we would have our beer bath. Our private “room” contained two double bathtubs, and one already smelled of hops and was full of bubbles. We would have liked to jump right in but we had to be patient… it was time for some practical information and safety instructions (which can be summed up as ring the bell if you need anything).

We were taught about the medieval origin of beer bathing and learned about its healing powers: a dip in a bath filled beer purifies pores, improves pulmonary circulation, regenerates skin and hair, alleviates muscle aches and pains and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Hops, in particular, are known to counteract states of anxiety, promote digestion (so that you no longer need to feel guilty when you have a beer or two), combat insomnia and cure headaches. In short, whatever you’re suffering from, beer will cure it.

A dip in a bath filled beer

beer bath
Soaking in beer…

Shocking news (spoiler alert!). The tub isn’t filled with beer, so if you had wanted to dip your head in it and accidentally drink some, please understand that you can’t do it. So what about bathing in beer? The girl the Beer Spa Bernard of Prague showed us (and then poured) in the tub a mix of dried green herbs, which were all the natural ingredients that are used to produce beer, alcohol factor excluded. But the scent was there, and it was really inviting. As soon as she left, we rushed into the water.

Bathing in beer is really pleasant and relaxing; the treatment lasts 1 hour but after 30 minutes the bubbles go out. At this point, you can choose whether to lie on a comfortable heated bed and relax, or ring the bell (or rather the cowbell) and repeat the bubbling beer experience. We chose to repeat it because bathing in beer – or better in hops – is super fun.

During our beer bath experience, we drank some beer, giggled all the time, drank some more beer, giggled more and took photos. Time ran fast: someone enjoyed putting his heads under the water, then decided to dive under the tray to reach his mum, while someone else bumped ungracefully into the tray and realized that it was not fixed to the tub and so spilled beer into the water … Who did it? Here’s a hint: it was the same person who, before entering the beer spa room, had read (and translated) the sign that was placed on the wall to warn people not to pour beer in the bathtub

Where can you find the Beer Spa Bernard in Prague?

bernard beer prague
Bernard cherry-flavored beer (non-alcoholic)

At the time of writing this (November 2019), Bernard Beer Spa in Prague has 4 addresses in the city:

  • Karoliny Svetle 20 – Praga 1
  • Stepanska 33 – Praga 1
  • Tyn 10 – Praga 1
  • Fugnerovo Nam 1 – Praga 2

My son and I went to Stepanska 33 inside the Majestic Plaza Hotel. It is possible to choose between the basic beer bath experience or add a massage. For the most up-to-date prices, online reservations and all sorts of details, please visit the website of the Beer Spa Bernard.

While enjoying your bath beer, the best thing is that you have the spa room to yourself – which means complete privacy.  For this reason, you don’t really need a bathing suit or anything at all. Slippers, towels and cotton sheets are provided. And you can pour yourself as much beer as you like from the tap, at the Beer Spa.

At the end of the treatment, we received a nice certificate and a couple of beers as a gift from the man at reception. Knowing that I am much of a beer lover, I thanked him and decided to accept only one non-alcoholic bottle: it lasted 3 nights – my son helped me drink it – and we still did not manage to finish it all.

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  1. Sono stata a Praga 2 o 3 anni fa e mi è piaciuta moltissimo…avevamo letto delle spa con bagno in birra ma abbiamo preferito fare altro. Una città che offre molto e a dicembre sotto natale è davvero suggestiva ed incantevole

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