Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando: 7 tips to survive them

If you are planning to go to Florida and intend to spend a few days in Orlando to make your children happy and take them to Disney World, you’d better plan your stay carefully and know what tips help you survive Disney World and Universal Studios and will make your visit a successful one.

We went during the high season (Easter week) but some people told us that you can say the same about any time of the year. There are hundreds of thousands of people with the same idea: to give their children a memorable day in one of the most famous parks in the world. Needless to say, we learned from our mistakes

So, be patient and follow my advice, I will help you make everything and give you tips about how to spend less time waiting in line.

Our 7 tips to survive Disney World and Universal Studios

Universal Studios and Disney, tips to survive them
Universal Studios

Survival tip 1

Do not choose a hotel outside the Disney World area just because the prices are lower. You will spend the difference in taxis, or else you will end up queuing up for a long time for shuttle buses. Choose the hotel closest to the entrance of the park you want to visit, so that you will be the first one in, in the morning.

Survival tip 2

Book all your entrance tickets online and in advance, to avoid queues. Disney World gives you the opportunity to choose 3 attractions and the time you want to do them, thanks to their (free) fast pass. Choose them the day before and you’ll find out that all the fast pass slots are all sold out. In Universal Studios it’s different: you can use your fast pass and skip the queues at each attraction (but at a cost – almost the double of the normal entry price).

Survival tip 3

Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, make reservations for lunch or dinner in advance (for both Disney World and Universal Studios). You really don’t want to queue up 45 minutes just to get a sandwich. The people who made reservations for the restaurant inside the Cinderella castle did it 6 months in advance!

Survival tip 4

Do not carry large backpacks inside Universal Studios (for some rides it is mandatory to store them in lockers, and they are definitely small).

Cinderella's castle, Disney tips to survive
Cinderella’s castle

Survival tip 5

If there are few people queuing up in front of an attraction, there is a reason. Most likely it is an attraction that involves getting wet, and not by a few drops. If you want to go ahead, buy a poncho and make sure you have a waterproof cell-phone pouch. My husband’s phone “died” and he had to throw away his leather shoes.

Survival tip 6

Do not wear shoes that hurt or flats that give you blisters, there’s a lot of ground to be covered on foot. We walked 14 km in a single day. This is possibly one of the best tips to survive Disney World that my feet can give you.

Survival tip 7

Download the Disney World or Universal Studios App. It will help to know where you are, and it will also tell you how long lines are at each attraction.

I recommend spending at least 2 or 3 days in Orlando. Universal Studios are suitable for children aged 8 and up if younger there are many rides they could not do, and they would be disappointed. For many rides the minimum height is 1.30 cm.

Disney World is better suited to younger children. Each park consists of 5 other parks, therefore my suggestion is to choose well in advance which is best suited to your kids’ “needs”.

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