Morcote (Lugano area): the Scherrer botanic park, a corner of Eden in Ticino:

Here I am again, suggesting you a “lazy” excursion… suitable to kids who do not like walking a lot, or to people who want to spend a few hours exploring a botanic garden in a magical place: Morcote, which won the title of Switzerland’s most beautiful village in 2016.

The Scherrer Botanic Park

The Scherrer Park is also called “the Garden of Eden” and was built by Arturo Scherrer (1881–1956). Mister Scherrer was an avid traveler with a passion for art and culture. His widow donated the park to the town council of Morcote in 1965.  The Park is part of the “Great Gardens of Italy” network.

Since 2014, thanks to its characteristic of Baroque, Rococò and Art Nouveau buildings and works of art, it is also part of the Follies”-style genre of botanical parks. It is fun to see this heterogeneous collection of art in such amazing setting. Kids like it very much and appreciate the fact that they can see art as well as “touch” it.

Art in the park

In the park you can admire objects from several cultures and periods, surrounded by luxurious vegetation, as well as typical buildings from all over the world. The different styles inspired many interesting talks.

For example the copy of the Erechtheion, the second most important temple of the Acropolis in Athens (in scale 1:4).

The Indian house (and its elephants) were greatly appreciated.

You can get married in the Indian house.

The Egyptian temple dedicated to Nefertiti is a copy of the temple that you can find in Berlin.

Visiting the Park with children

This Eden, full of subtropical and perfumed plants and flowers is great for adults and kids, who are free to roam everywhere in the park. There are several shaded benches where one can sit for as long as you like and admire the breathtaking views.

My very active kids kept running up and down the stairways, burning off energy. The best thing is that there are no dangers, so do not hesitate to bring your toddlers).

Today, in Morcote, we had a great time visiting this corner of Eden, and came home relaxed!



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