Landscape, nature, mountains and … adrenaline: Discover with us the combo package Tamaro Park Slides (Monte Tamaro, non-stop slides and Splash and Spa)

If you are in Canton Ticino, if you want to go for a walk, enjoy nature, take in amazing views and have some high quality family-fun, I have an idea for you…
Let me take you to Tamaro Park, a combo package that combines the mountain experience of Monte Tamaro and the aqua park Splash and Spa. This package was put together to allow people to experience a variety of emotions, ranging from wellness to nature, and everything in between.

monte tamaroWe leave for the Tamaro Park in the morning, feeling very energetic and motivated, and head to Rivera. Here we take the gondola lift that leads us straight up to the peaks of Monte Tamaro. We get off at Alpe Foppa (1530 meters above sea level) and the weather is perfect, while the views over the surrounding mountains is breathtaking.

All the kids’ attractions of Monte Tamaro

The children see a great playground and run to it; this playground is suitable to kids over 3 years old, but next to the restaurant, there is another one for toddlers.

monte tamaroOur kids do not want to leave, and we can manage to drag them away only when we tell them that we are going on a coaster bob ride.

The coaster bob ride

Oh yes, the coaster bob ride… 800 meters long, on special tracks. We take a seat on the two-seater bobsled and get a lift uphill, to the top of the mountain.

monte tamaroWhen we reach the departure point, I sigh, look at my son, take courage and let go of the brake. I feel like screaming, in a liberating way, but I do not. The maximum speed that one can reach is 50 kilometers per hour and I can promise you that after the first ride, you will want to do it again – right away.

My husband and I swap kids (mom with son/dad with daughter) and get ready to do another run. Fortunately, we have bought the combo ticket, therefore we can go up and down as many times as we wish. In fact, if you buy the Tamaro Park scivoli ticket, you can take the sled lift endless times and the entrance to the Splash and Spa Aqua Park is included, too.

monte tamaroAfter perhaps five rides, we decide it is time to take a break. We (adults) are almost temped to try the zipline, which is 400 meters long and reaches a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. I say “almost” because, eventually, we decide to leave this experience to braver people.

We then walk to the Chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli designed by the Ticinese architect Mario Botta. We find it very beautiful and the panorama from the cross is spectacular.

monte tamaroThe restaurant

Time flies and it is already lunchtime. We opt to have a light lunch at the Alpe Foppa restaurant. We have sandwiches, salami and formagella (a type of cheese), but if you desire, there is a wider choice of hot and cold dishes.

The sun is shining, it is hot and we relax on the terrace by the lake, listening to live music. Our children are busy at the nearby playground. We read that it is possible to rent deck chairs, which would be a truly bad idea, as we would then end up spending the afternoon dozing off.

The Adventure Park

We decide to make a move and walk down to the intermediate station of the gondola lift (at 1120 meters above sea level). Here you have the chance to have fun at the Parco Avventura (Adventure Park), which has 3 different “suspended” routes suitable for anyone aged 4 and above. We decide to skip it and come back another time, just for it.

The mountain offers several trails for those who love hiking or mountain biking. You can go down (on foot or by bike) to the departure station of the gondola lift by following a trail in the forest. For itineraries and maps, check this website.

The Splash and SPA aqua park

We are a bit in a hurry, so we take the gondola lift down to the arrival station right by the entrance of the Splash and Spa Aqua Park, ready for toboggans, slides and water fun…

splash and spaInside the Splash and Spa Aqua Park you will be spoiled for choice: slides and toboggans for all ages, a wave pool, an outdoor pool with whirlpool, a pool bar, a kids’ area and a lot more. If you need floating devices, there is a basket full of them – which you can be used for free (and returned).

splash and spaAdults had as much fun as kids…

splash and spaIf parents are tired, there is an amazing adult-only spa area, 3000 m2 large. It is worth every penny and if you happen to be there on Wednesday, children over 6 years can enjoy the Spa, too – with their parents (see our post).

splash and spaIf you would like to experience something unique, visit the Splash and Spa at night (it closes at 10 PM). Your children will be enchanted by the lights and the suggestive atmosphere.

Our day was a very long one, so when we came home we were exhausted, but happy – what a wonderful day we had spent together.


If children are too tired after Monte Tamaro and would prefer not to go to the Splash and Spa, don’t worry: the combo ticket is valid for 10 days. You can do Monte Tamaro one day and the Splash and Spa another day

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