Walking to the colle of San Bernardo – Comano

grande prato colle di San Bernardo

Itinerary: Comano – S.Bernardo – Comano

Let me tell you about my favorite walk, through my favorite forest and in my favorite village (which is where I was born and raised). At the beginning, I was not sure whether to keep this walk for myself or to share it with you; after all, it is my very own “magical” place.
As I have decided to tell you all about it… take pen and paper (or print this article, if it is easier) and let me take you to Colle San Bernardo above Comano.

Once you reach the church of Comano (by car), follow the main road and take the first (narrow) street on the right (via San Bernardo). Keep driving uphill until the road splits, then turn left and keep driving all the way up until you reach the forest. Park your car on the left side of the road, near the alembic (the place where grappa is produced).

Take the dirt path on the right: walk through the forest and you will find a Via Crucis with the 14 Stations of the Cross. You will come across 14 bronze plates realized by the Nag Arnoldi (a local sculptor of international fame), spread out along the entire route. To make the walk less tiring, challenge your kids to be the first to find all 14 of them.

Once you reach the church at the top of the hill, you can quench your thirst at the fountain (by the door) and enjoy a breathtaking view over Lugano. There is also a large lawn where children can run (in case they still have energy to burn…).
From the top of the hill you have two options: keep on walking northbound heading to San Clemente,  pass Torre di Redde (Redde Tower) and reach Tesserete (it’s quite a hike, tough), or else backtrack to Comano along the same route.

If you decide to walk back to Comano along the Via Crucis, I have a little surprise for you. Just before the spot where you parked your car, on your left, you will see is a barrier with a revolving gate. The path leads to a biotope. My kids adore it, and we stop there every time to see if there are frogs or other animals. Look out for the birdhouses on the trees.

Not far from there, if you keep on walking, you will reach a large grassy field where you can light a fire and have a BBQ; the view over the gulf of Lugano is spectacular. We normally stop there for a picnic right on this lawn and then the kids have fun rolling down the hill.

Here it is, my very favorite place – unveiled!
Have a good walk!

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