Technorama – Swiss Science Center Winterthur (ZH)

Are you intrigued by science? Do scientific phenomena fill you with wonder?
Let the Technorama seduce you!  It is an interactive science museum; a terrific place that stimulates all senses and enchants children. It is suitable to all ages; there are no architectural boundaries, so even the smallest ones are welcome.For example, you can see how a lightning flash works, learn what electric tensions are (and do not miss the wonderful presentation … it will make your hair stand on end …). Or else you can “test” the centrifugal force on your own skin, have fun with soap bubbles (bring a change of clothes, my kids have often needed it), you can run marbles on all sorts of tracks, you can experience how gases work (do expect ear-splitting noises, by the way!)

It is hard to describe a day in this museum, my kids – when they leave – are always exhausted but in high spirits… and they would like to return the following day

There are also creative workshops on various science and technology related topics, using recycled materials. Moreover, they offer a much-needed break to both children and parents.

An in-depth visit requires a long time, so generally we spend one full day there. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, as at the end of the day you will have the feeling you have walked a full marathon (but if you are like me and use a pedometer – and the end of the day you will have a reason to rejoice).

Outside the Technorama there is an amazing park with a playground, a “magic” fountain and occasionally, a temporary exhibit.

I wish you a lot of fun in Winterthur and, as usual, send us a line and tell us about your visit!

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