Spring Sunday
 at Alpe Vicania

bambini all'alpe vicania

Itinerary: Carona-Alpe Vicania-Carona

If you get up on a Sunday morning, look out of the window and see that there is a crazy sun, you hear the birds singing and have the longing to go outdoors and savor all the scents of spring .

If you  have friends who had the same idea, if you want to take a quick walk, and have lunch with friends, maybe in a place where children can play blissfully in the nature without you (or them) being disturbed, then maybe you will like this itinerary: walk (and lunch) at the Alpe Vicania.

We arrived in Carona at 11.30am. We parked the car in the parking place of the communal pools (free of charge) and from there we walked along the trail indicating Alpe Vicania.
The path passes over the Sanctuary of Madonna d’Ongero, a magnificent church that is reached after a  “Via Crucis” all in the woods (so shaded). You will find a fountain after a few minutes of walk, fill your bottles if you need.

The first part of path is a bit agg, but then flat and at the end downhill.It’s not an easy path, because there are roots and rocks, but the first time we did it, my kids were 5 years old. After an hour approx. ??On the way you reach the Alpe Vicania.

Our friends were already sitting in the restaurant with the aperitif in their hand …
In fact you can drive to the restaurant from Vico Morcote.

The restaurant is in a gorgeous location, has tables on the lawn and you can eat outdoors.
The kitchen is very good, the service as well.
And cherry on top: Kids can climb, run, play football (there is a campsite) and have fun in the nature.

Not far away there is also the stable (which offers riding courses), with horses and ponies running freely.

We returned (with a full stomach and a face-to-face smile) walking from the road we came from. Alternatively, you can continue on the road to Vico Morcote and stop at Parco San Grato (Also there you find a nice playground). And the communal pool of Carona is just around the corner (calculate at least one hour’s walk).

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