Lugano: Lac Museum creative workshop

vista dal lac, lugano

October… it’s SUnday and it is raining…

There is no better time to take the children to the Lac to try out one of the many activities offered by the Lac Edu program. It is necessary to register much earlier (you will find all the necessary information online) and places are limited (in September everything was already sold out “until December). But if you call the people in charge of the program (who are very kind and helpful) they will take your name and phone number, and contact you if you any place becomes available (see their website).

My twins were very lucky, because two people cancelled in October, on a Saturday, on a rainy day…

10.15 am: Veronica is waiting for us in the cafeteria, she welcomes all the children and makes sure that the parents’ phone numbers she has are correct; very professionally she informs us that the children will be returned the cafeteria at 12.00.

In total there are 10 children, and Veronica takes them through the museum to visit the ongoing exhibition of Paul Signac. She focuses on the most important works, describing the colors, the sensations, the pictorial technique used (in this case, pointillism). The children observe, take part in the presentation, and allow themselves be overwhelmed by the beautiful works on display (what they said exactly I do not know, because I did not want to spy on the activity and look like an “overprotective” mom, so I kept my distance and visited the exhibition on my own).

After the guided tour, the children are taken to the workshop area, and what a workshop it was! Located in one of the most scenic vintage points in Lugano (you really need to see it, to believe it…)

Every child receives a transparent sheet to stick on the window and with a Q-tip they can “dot” the landscape they see, obviously using different colors, like Paul Signac.

And the impression of the whole morning?
The children are overjoyed (they came out even super relaxed and quiet), we (as parents) happy to have been able to visit the exhibition and drink a cup coffee in no hurry and last but not least: the total cost was 0 CHF. Thank you so much Lac!

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