Basel: the ultimate itinerary with the best children museums

Are you going to Basel with children and are you looking for an itinerary to help you discover this wonderful city and its family and kid-friendly activities? Well, you are spoiled for choice; this Swiss city has a lot to offer, including almost 40 museums. Here is our selection of the very best, based on our kids’ experience. And remember: 3 days is definitely not enough to see all that Basel has to offer.

basel, Switzerland. River view


1. Tinguely Fountain

Jean Tinguely fountain with moving water pipes is a kinetic sculpture and can be found in the city center, near the theater.

basel, Switzerland. tinguely fountain2. Jean Tinguely Museum

The Jean Tinguely Museum is very interesting and interactive (children can start “machines” cars that twist and spin, make music and noise. The museum is located on the other side of the Rhein River, which you should cross by wooden ferry, is a typical ancient wooden boat called Vogel Gryff Fähre. It is the current that pushes the boat across the river rather than an engine

basilea3. Market Square

This square is famous for its imposing and red Town Hall, which is also the seat of the local government. During the week, a farmers market takes place daily, and you can buy flowers as well as organic fruits and vegetables.

basel, Switzerland. red town hall4. The Dolls Museum (Puppenhaus)

You won’t find only dolls at the Puppenhaus Museum. It is a toy world museum: imagine 4 floors of dolls, doll houses, teddy bears, and a thousand new and antique accessories in this unique toy museum (in Europe, at least). Children (especially girls) will be amazed.

5. The Beyeler Museum

At the Beyeler Museum you can admire a collection of 250 works of modern and contemporary art – as well as an amazing building. The museum park, on the outskirts of the city, is really worth the trek, and you can easily reach it by trolley-bus.


6. The Paper museum

Visit the Papier Museum to see its permanent exhibition on how paper is made. The highlight is being able to make your own paper sheets, by hand.

7. The Cathedral Square

Münsterplaz is the Cathedral Square the symbol of the city. From St Martin’s tower, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the city, the Rhein river, and the boats coming and going.


8. The Puppet Theatre

The Basler Marionetten Theater is located a few steps away from the cathedral. It is an amazing puppet theatre with ancient puppets and special shows for children.

9. The “Messe”

If you have time to spare, head to the Basel Messe, located on the other side of the city (across the river). Once there see the famous “hole” designed by the local architects Herzog & De Meuron.

basilea10. Basel Zoo

The Zoo is located just outside the city center. Animals are free to roam in their reconstructed habitats and; in addition, there is an incredible aquarium that you should not miss.



To discover to city of Basel with children in a fun way, I have just found out that there is a Familytrail. It is a mix between and orienteering race and a scavenger hunt throughout the town, with tricky puzzles to solve at different locations. Tickets needs to be bought online, and the “trail” starts from the main train station. The duration is approximately 2 hours and we have not tested it, yet (but we soon will ). Drop us a line and tell us about it, if you have done it.

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