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Verzasca Valley with children: the river and the wolf trap

Dear friends from Cuneo are coming to visit us with their three children… and one of them is Silvia – a most wonderful friend and perfect host, the type of person who comes for a visit and ends up rearranging and tidying your home. One (sort of) drawback is that she can be very demanding, when planning activities for the entire family. After endless discussions (before her arrival, obviously) we decided to take her to the Verzasca Valley and go for a short hike. The valley is very interesting from many points of view: historical, artistic and above all naturalistic. The emerald clear waters of the Verzasca River were a real hit with our guests. Continue Reading →

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Sentiero dei Filosofi (Philosophers’ trail) with children – Cademario (Malcantone)

Cademario is a village in the Malcantone area at 850 meters above sea level, with a spectacular view over the Gulf of Lugano. The village is in a key position: sun-kissed, protected from the cold winds, no fog. We decided to visit it by choosing one of the many paths that cross its forest. The one I am writing about is the Sentiero dei Filosofi (philosophers’ Trail) Continue Reading →